Design Clubcult - Dance!
2022-12-27, 16:30–16:50 (Europe/Berlin), Lecture Room 2 - Bhavani - H1-5.2
Language: English

{Design Clubcult - Dance!} A short experimental documentary about the revolutionary potential of dance and clubculture.

{Design Clubcult - Dance!} This documentation explores the revolutionary potential of dance,-and club culture by start researching in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi. This is not a description of the club scene there, rather it is seeking an environment where clubbing is once again located in a culture of socio political resistance. Showing that the revolutionary potential of club culture lies in the art form of dance, which in this context can unfold its power to form communities and thereby enable public action.

Emma Mann born 1999 in Berlin grew up in Munich where she studies since 2022 at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Pamela Rosenkranz.
She worked several times as an assistant for the munich based choreographer Ceren Oran,
and lived and worked temporarily in Tbilisi (2019), Leipzig (2020), Hildesheim(2021/22) and Marseille (2022).