To be aware, to create a safe(r) space

We stand for inclusiveness, diversity and acceptance*. In doing so, we explicitly position ourselves against anything that goes against the dignity of human beings and do not tolerate any form of discrimination. We therefore address our 6 principles and the following excerpts from our manifesto with an appeal to all people who move in our spaces, who move in public space in general! They should be a matter of course for respectful coexistence.

Our awareness work relies on the community as the final instance - and aims at its own abolition. We don't see ourselves as the henchmen of a legislative body, but want to raise awareness for the basic principles of emancipatory and solidary coexistence. We only succeed as long as everyone in our community wants to be mindful. And then also actively stand up for the values we have negotiated together.

We therefore not only have awareness teams at events, but also various educational and exchange formats that invite the entire community to engage with the topic of awareness.

We want to empower each other to be able to critically question our own statements and (omitted) actions - without being directly reproachful. We want to question authoritarian personal structures that jump particularly readily to prefabricated ideologies. Arguments and reflection instead of self-evidence and aggression!

1 Consensus / agreement in all interactions
Individual boundaries are respected: No always means no! And more importantly, only yes means yes!

2 Responsiveness of the awareness team
The awareness team is approachable at all times and ensures that it is perceived as such. We approach sensitively and with an open approach.

3 Compliance when awareness is called upon
We expect everyone* to actively listen to those who say they have been treated in an abusive way.

4 Solidarity & Partiality
The Awareness Team stands in solidarity with those affected by discriminatory acts and is partisan in the sense of the emancipatory claim of the event. In our Awareness Manifesto we list the structures of discrimination that we agree to recognise as such.

5 Tolerance of error
We meet each other with the assumption that we all make mistakes, and relate criticism to our behaviour, not our personalities. We want to own up to our mistakes - in the knowledge that discriminatory behaviour will never be tolerated.

6 Everyone shares responsibility
Conflicts that cannot be resolved by the Awareness Team are taken to the wider community. The awareness team moderates and supports the feelings of the person(s) suffering from a potentially discriminatory act.